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Membrane switches have been widely used in various industries. Membrane switches have the characteristics of beautiful appearance, long service life, simple structure, easy installation, good feel in use, and small occupied area. They are widely used in various industries.


 Features of Membrane Switch

A. Beautiful and novel appearance;

B. Small size, thin thickness, light weight, which is more conducive to the development of computer keyboards in the direction of light, thin, short, small, and highly intelligent;

C. Moisture-proof, dust-proof, oil and harmful gas, strong sealing, acid and alkali resistance and shock resistance;

D. Long service life and bending resistance.


Application of membrane switch

1. Industrial control field: widely used in intelligent electronic measuring instruments and meters, computer control, digital machine tools, industrial controllers, industrial weighing instruments, energy metering, automotive electronics, etc.---industrial control membrane switches;

2. Household appliances: widely used in air conditioners, washing machines, induction cookers, microwave ovens, rice cookers, soymilk machines, etc.;

3. The field of medical and health care equipment: widely used in fitness equipment, electronic sphygmomanometers, various therapeutic instruments, as well as various medical equipment, testing equipment, etc.;

4. Consumer electronics field: toy mobile phones, dancing mats, remote control cars, other consumer electronics, etc.

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