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Recruitment position: marketing/marketing/expansion manager account manager/supervisor

Number of recruits: several

Working years: 3 years

Educational requirements: junior college

Salary range: 4000+ /month

Job requirements: full-time or part-time

1. Marketing and related majors, college degree or above;

2. Have a deep understanding of the commercial design industry and strong market awareness;

3. Quick thinking, strong language ability, hard-working and hardworking spirit, strong resistance to pressure, high psychological quality;

4. Have a good team awareness and innovation ability, have a strong sense of responsibility, and a high degree of work enthusiasm;

5. Understand commercial design, working experience or resources in shopping malls, shopping malls, supermarkets are preferred;

6. The appearance is dignified, mature and stable, with affinity;

Treatment: basic salary + commission

Interested parties can send their resume to the mailbox: