Human Machine Interface Industry

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Membrane switches have been widely used in various industries, and key markets, both foreign and Chinese, are slowly adapting. For example, German machinery and equipment have basically been used in membrane switches-man-machine interface.


Main features:

1. Novel and high-tech, high-grade

2. Highly stable performance, assembled with imported core components

3. The operation is sensitive and convenient, and the mouse function can be fully realized

4. Smooth writing, highly accurate positioning, no dead spots, no drift, no disconnection

5. Long service life, durable

6. High light transmittance, up to 99%

7. Easy to install and low cost

8. Dustproof, explosion-proof, waterproof, abrasion-proof, anti-glare, etc.

9. It is suitable for some harsh environmental conditions and can be used indoors and outdoors

Main application range:

1. Industrial industrial control equipment

2. Car DVD navigation and transportation

3. Medical beauty equipment

4. Public inquiry equipment

5. Exhibition equipment

6. Computer monitor

7. Educational touch all-in-one machine

8. Query touch all-in-one

9. Advertising machine touch all-in-one machine

10. Indoor and outdoor touch all-in-one

11. Entertainment and game equipment

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