How to distinguish quality Silicone Membrane Keypads

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The basic equipment of quality Silicone Membrane Keypads according to the production process includes rubber mixing machine, slicer, molding machine, printing machine, oven, punching machine, etc., but in addition to production equipment, quality inspection equipment is also very important, so pay attention to quality control What testing equipment do the quality Silicone Membrane Keypads manufacturers have?

quality Silicone Membrane Keypads

1. Button life tester, this is an instrument for testing the life quality of quality Silicone Membrane Keypads. Each silicone button product must be strictly tested by the button life tester before mass production, especially for key products with special life requirements. It must be ensured to reach customer's request.

2. Load curve meter, it is also very important testing equipment. For example, industrial equipment quality Silicone Membrane Keypads usually have strict load requirements. Silicone keys with high and low loads are unacceptable for precision industrial equipment. .

3. Multifunctional friction testing machine is a device for testing the abrasion resistance of characters on the surface of quality Silicone Membrane Keypads. The multifunctional appearance tester of the film button factory is aimed at the surface dirt, character deviation, and missing printing of the silicone keys. Equipment tested.

4. There are also two-dimensional image measuring instrument, RCA paper tape abrasion tester, etc. Some customers will also specifically require quality Silicone Membrane Keypads product suppliers to have the above-mentioned testing equipment, and as a professional quality Silicone Membrane Keypads manufacturer, these testing equipment , Is also a must-have.

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