Some basic characteristics of FPC circuit membrane switch

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FPC circuit membrane switch, also known as light touch keyboard, adopts a flat multi-layer combination of integral sealing structure, which is a light, mechanical, and electrical integration that seals the key switch, panel, mark, symbol display and liner together. A new type of electronic components is a fundamental change in the appearance and structure of electronic products. It can replace the buttons of conventional discrete components and perform the tasks of the operating system more reliably.

FPC circuit membrane switch

FPC circuit membrane switch has good waterproof, dust-proof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion from harmful gases, stable and reliable performance, light weight, small size, long life, convenient assembly and connection, the panel can be washed without damage to the characters, rich in color, and beautiful Generous and other advantages. Use FPC circuit membrane switch to make your products more distinctive of the times.

FPC circuit membrane switch is a kind of rigid or flexible printed circuit board as the base, installed with hand-feeling or non-hand-feeling buttons, and then covered with a plastic film panel printed with colorful decorative patterns. It is a combination of switch function and decoration. An electronic component with functions as a whole is a new type of man-machine dialogue interface. The connection between the switching circuit of the FPC circuit membrane switch and the whole machine can be completed by welding or plugging.

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