Film characteristics when making membrane switch panels

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The characteristics of the film when making the membrane switch panel:

1. Good weather resistance: The panel layer is the surface layer exposed to the membrane switch in the natural environment. The panel material should be able to avoid deformation, cracking, aging and discoloration under certain natural environmental conditions.

2. Good dimensional stability: The membrane switch requires a certain temperature range (generally -40℃~55℃), and the size of the film does not change significantly.

3. Elastic requirements: The thin panel layer requires a certain degree of weakening performance, and the elastic deformation of the membrane switch is small, which can be judged according to the ductility of the material. Generally speaking, the ductility is large, the elastic deformation is large, and the elastic performance is poor.

4. Good appearance: the film has a smooth surface, the same gloss, no mechanical damage, scratches, inclusions, stains and other surface defects.

5. Good chemical resistance: The panel layer may be exposed to different chemicals, but it should have certain resistance to most common chemicals, such as alcohol, ether, and mineral oil.

The above is about the characteristics of membrane switches and membrane panels. Only with these characteristics can we produce high-quality membrane switches.

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