How long is the service life of the membrane switch panel

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Membrane switch panels are used in different environments, what is their service life? Here we will introduce to you.

The production process of membrane switch includes printing conductive circuit, printing panel layer picture product LOGO, packaging, sealing and other processes. Regardless of the type of switch, the most fundamental effect of the product is the effect of power-on and power-off. Together with this function, and without affecting the basic function, we are constantly developing the multi-function of the switch. The membrane switch is the most representative commodity in the switch profession.

Membrane switch

Compared with the button switch, the membrane switch not only has the effect of turning off the power of the button switch, but also has the decoration function that other switch products do not have. The switch panel layer printed with silk-screen technology selects specific inks and printing technology to cooperate with each other, so that the picture printed on the panel layer has the characteristics of long-term non-discoloration and strong adsorption to the material itself.

The service life of the membrane switch will vary according to changes in the environment. The membrane switch produced from polycarbonate PC and PVC material can reach more than 5 million times from the point of view of the button, and the time of damage from the data Usually 3-10 years. No matter from which aspect, it has materials that other switches (button switches) cannot. Regardless of the production technology, the quality of the product, and the planned appearance, the most basic characteristics have been greatly improved.

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