How to choose the film panel text screen

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Panels play an important role in prompting, conveying instructions and presentation content. It not only needs clear strokes and smooth edges, but also a thick ink layer that covers well.

In order to achieve these points at the beginning, in addition to the screen spacing, scraping pressure, ink quality, viscosity and other factors in the screen printing process, the choice of screen production method plays a decisive role.

Among many plate making methods, the indirect method using five-star film can better meet the production requirements of panel text. Film has a high resolution, because its photosensitive process is directly exposed by the surface of the film, and the image and text of the mask on the surface of the film are in contact with the photosensitive film without being disturbed by the screen. In addition, the red film has anti-halo and anti-diffraction effects, thereby ensuring the accuracy and smoothness of character strokes. If printed properly, its ability to copy graphics and text is better.

On the other hand, in order to obtain a thick ink layer, improve the coverage of pictures and texts, and prevent pictures and texts from changing their hue due to the influence of the underlying ink color, just choose an appropriate thickness of the film according to the fineness of the pictures and texts , You can consider the comprehensive requirements of the picture and text part of the panel layer. Although the cost of five-star film is relatively high, it does not occupy much space in the entire plate making of the panel layer, so it is reasonable to apply it selectively.

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