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Anti-ultraviolet membrane Keyboards

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Instrumentation Membrane Switch


Membrane Switch
1, Embossed tectile keys
2, 6 layers structure
3, 3M, Soken, Nitto adhesive
4, Pass ISO9001: 2000, ISO14001: 2004
Suzhou Menhow Electronic Co., Ltd provides membrane switch with high quality and low price, we are a professional membrane switch manufacturer.
Membrane switches are widely used on industrial and home electronic equipments

Membrane Switch:
Total thickness is above 0.8mm;
Pressing life-span over 500 thousand times;
Function stablized, handle reliably and good tactility feeling;
Different specification of metal dome such as round, triangle, foursquare, rectangle and ellipse available.

Tactile membrane switch embossed LEDs and metal domes advantages:
1. Beautiful appearance, rich and bright in color, design can be arbitrary, the products can fully reflect the individual style of the product itself and designer.
2. Panel can wash, good protection of durable color, characters, logos and other panel contents without injury.
3. Small size, light weight, thin thickness, good tactility, abrasion resistant, installation and connection convenience.
4. Tightness is good, moisture-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, anti-oil, anti-corrosion and erosion of harmful gases proof, acid and alkali proof, quakeproof.
5. Low cost, high lifespan, membrane switchs design and manufacture are using the keyboard as a whole way, whether on the material or mold charges, the costs are lowest, the life expectancy of different types of membrane switch is more than 100 million times.
6. Easy to operate, intuitive, safe and reliable, In-house 100% functionally tested, components are guaranteed without any intermittent problem.
7. Customized specification is available and keys can make different shapes

Main Performance Parameter of Membrane Switch
Electrical Performance
working voltage operating current contact resistance return route resistance switch power insulative resistance base material pressure
≤50VDC ≤100mA 0.5~10Ω generally 150Ω,or as request 1W ≥100MΩ(250VDC) 1500VDC
Mechaincal Performance
service life with joint forces snapping back time closed displacement the caudal may fold
≥100million times 15~500g ≤6ms 0.1~0.4mm(not touching) 0.4~1.0mm(with touching) ≤180°
Environment Adaptability
operating temperature depositing temperature working humidity altitude
10°c~70°c 40°c~70°c <95% 0~4500m
Mechaincal Size
extrnal dimension key size key spacing line wide resisting vibration
≤400*800mm as request >1.5mm ≥0.5mm reference to MIL-STD-202