What is a capacitive sensor touch switch?

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According to the switch principle, touch switches are divided into resistive touch switches and capacitive touch switches. Among various technologies, capacitive touch sensing technology has become the mainstream of touch sensing technology. In the keystroke scheme, it can improve the overall appearance of the product. What is a capacitive sensor touch switch?

The capacitive sensor touch switch can penetrate 20 mm of the insulating material shell (glass, plastic, etc.), and accurately detect the effective contact of the finger to ensure that the sensitivity, stability, and reliability of the product will not be affected by changes in environmental conditions or long-term use Changed, with strong waterproof and anti-interference ability. It is understood that there are many types of multi-touch technology, but the following four are relatively mature, namely:

Membrane switch

1. "LLP (Laser Plane) Technology" mainly uses infrared laser equipment to project infrared onto the screen. When the screen is blocked, the infrared is reflected, and the camera below the screen captures the reflection direction. After system analysis, it can respond.

2. "FTIR technology" will add LED light in the middle layer of the screen. When the user presses the screen, the light between the layers will have different reflection effects. The sensor receives the change of light, captures the user's force point, and responds .

3. "Touch light technology", using the projection method, infrared projection on the screen, when the screen is blocked, the infrared is reflected, and the camera under the screen captures the reflection direction, which can react through system analysis.

4. "Optical Tactile Technology", which is equipped with a lens at the top ends of the screen to receive the user's gesture changes and the position of the touch point. After calculation, the coordinates are converted to coordinates and then reacted.

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