How to place an order from the manufacturer to make a China silicone membrane keypads

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To make the renderings of China silicone membrane keypad, the following materials need to be provided to the manufacturer:
1. The size chart of China silicone membrane keypad, including the thickness, external dimensions, keys and the distance from the transparent window (light hole) or the through hole to the edge, if you can provide a case with a China silicone membrane keypad, it will be better.
2. The silk screen image and color number of the button panel are generally PATNTONE (most of them use this color card) or RAL color card. Customers can also provide color samples.

China silicone membrane keypad
3. The circuit schematic diagram, lead position, interface spacing, and lead length of China silicone membrane keypad. If there are electronic components such as LED lights, the positive and negative electrodes should be marked.
4. The material (PC or PET) of China silicone membrane keypad panel and the type of adhesive backing are generally recommended for customers to use PET for the panel material, and the adhesive is mostly 3M.

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