The difference between metal dome membrane switch and tact switch

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It is understood that there are metal dome membrane switches and tact switches on the market now. From the outside, there is no difference between the two switches, and many people usually don't know which switch type will work better.

metal dome membrane switch

1. Function

The tact switch is small in size, standard products, dimensions and related parameters should be combined with industry standards, and the metal dome membrane switch with a single color can be customized in size, appearance, color, etc. according to customer requirements, easy to use, flexible membrane switch flexible, airtight structure The metal dome membrane switch, which can not form a complete open-circuit control system, can be integrated with the panel, switch, and conductive path to independently form a sound control system, providing customers with an overall switch processing scheme.

The tact switch and the metal dome membrane switch are functional switches. The tact switch can be turned on by pressing the switch button quietly during use, and the switch can be turned off by releasing the hand. Its internal structure is that the metal dome is stressed. The membrane switch that can be turned on is a button with a circuit. Usually, the top layer is a panel with characters or patterns composed of pet or pc materials, the bottom layer is a conductive circuit, and the center layer is isolated by imitating the switch mode. The bottom part of the double-sided tape made of pet material is usually the contact and contact circuit on the pet material. If you press the key part of the surface layer with your finger, the key contact will contact with the corresponding part of the lower contact to form a current connection.

2. Cost and price

The main production process of tact switch is stamping-injection-cleaning-device-forming-testing, etc. The production process of metal dome membrane switch is mainly screen printing die-cutting group test and so on. Both parties have high requirements on the production environment. In contrast, the more the factory with high dustproof grade is used, the lower the cost and price of the tact switch with guaranteed product quality, and the higher price and volume of the membrane switch that will not cause major price adjustments due to changes in market raw materials. The impact of raw material price factors is large.

3. Others

The metal dome membrane switch pursues high precision, the proportion of each component is correct, and the touch switch that is not sensitive to the appearance and color of the product attaches great importance to accuracy. The proportion of each component directly affects the product's drawing ability and feel. The look and color are embarrassing.

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