What are the benefits of customized FPC circuit membrane switch

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The difference between the customized FPC circuit membrane switch is that the circuit is no longer a sticky printed circuit, but a more stable FPC circuit information, which is more resistant to high temperature and corrosion. Flexible circuit board for flexible membrane switch circuit layer. The circuit has high precision, output interval of 1.0mm, low resistance value, stable and reliable performance and long service life.

customized FPC circuit membrane switch

The customized FPC circuit membrane switch is called a flexible film, because the mask layer, isolation layer and circuit layer of the membrane switch are composed of various properties of the soft film. The circuit layer of the flexible membrane switch is made of pet with good electrical properties, which is used as the carrier of the switch circuit pattern. This layer is also divided into induction shrapnel and upper and lower loops. Due to the characteristics of polyester film, the fpc membrane switch makes the membrane switch have good insulation, heat resistance, folding resistance and high resilience. The circuit of the switch circuit, including the switch connections and their leads, is printed with a low resistance conductive coating and cured at low temperature.

The key part of the protrusion is the key body area on the mask layer that is pressed with the roller press. According to the natural characteristics and concave and convex characteristics of the customized FPC circuit membrane switch material, there are strict requirements for temperature and pressure. The basic form is as follows: (1) Wire slot: switch side slot when in use. (2) Flat protrusion: used when the entire switch is located above the panel surface. Bulbous: Used to handle spherical keys. (4) Projection + Projection: Not commonly used. The advantages of the raised button of the membrane switch are: (1) The decorative effect of the appearance of the membrane switch is improved. (2) The operator's tactile sense is more sensitive. (3) The exact range of a given key body. (4) Speed ​​up the recognition speed. The following factors should be considered when designing: (1) Special mold processing is required. (2) The limit temperature of the improved polyester is 50°C (3), and the expansion height cannot exceed 1.5 times the thickness of the material. (4) The plane projection is at least 3 mm or 5 mm from the edge. (5) Raised keys on the frame line are at least 5 mm from the edge. (6) Excessive force will reduce the mechanical life (the mechanical life of the polycarbonate mask should be able to run no less than 100,000 times).

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