What are the characteristics of the molding structure of the Best FPC circuit membrane switch

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Best FPC circuit membrane switch is formed by stamping membrane switch sheets. When cutting the hollow lines of adjacent sheet keys, the pressure cannot be discharged. The surface of the sheet keys is directly bonded to the bottom of the transparent film through hollow characters, numbers or symbols. The utility model relates to a membrane switch panel, in particular to a membrane panel key forming structure, which combines a membrane switch panel with a corresponding control panel, and an embossed body arranged on the central convex surface of the bottom surface of a transparent plastic film and a The touch switch on the control panel is opposite to form a combination of compressible contact control, which can save a lot of manufacturing cost and labor cost per assembly.

Best FPC circuit membrane switch

The main features of the Best FPC circuit membrane switch molding structure are as follows: It is characterized in that the utility model is a punching and molding membrane switch sheet, the sheet key shape with appropriate pressure and recovery elasticity is arranged by a hollow wire, and the hollow wire cannot move when it is cut and pressed. Adjacent shard keys. A number, character or symbol is directly hollowed out on the surface of each keyboard, and a layer of transparent film is pasted at the bottom of each keyboard, which is sealed with a transparent plastic film key, which is hollow, waterproof, and light-transmitting to display text, numbers and symbols.

What are the advantages of Best FPC circuit membrane switch over traditional silicone membrane switches? Compared with traditional silicone bonding, membrane bonding has a better feel and longer service life, which can indirectly improve the production efficiency of various switches using conductive films. Membrane keys are light in weight, small in size and beautiful in appearance, and the touch membrane switch has a long service life. The conductive zebra strips are moisture-proof, dust-proof, drop-proof, shockproof and easy to install. The characteristic of the membrane keyboard is that the panel is raised, and it feels raised from the panel, which is not ideal. The conductive ink is printed directly on the raised areas on the back of the panel. The cost of the membrane switch is lower, and the life of the membrane switch key is directly affected by the size, shape and height of the impact, ranging from 100,000 times to 300,000 times. The storage and use temperature is limited, and the high temperature tends to make the membrane switch button low. According to the manufacturer of the conductive zebra strip, the metal domes on the membrane keyboard are located on the conductive part of the PCB (mostly above the gold fingers of the PCB). Under pressure, the shrapnel at the center point is recessed and contacts the circuit board to form a circuit, and the entire product can work normally when the current flows.

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