Precautions for installation and storage of customized PET circuit membrane switch

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As modern electronic products need to use membrane switches more and more widely, the number of customers who need professional customized PET circuit membrane switches also increases. Most of the customized PET circuit membrane switches require a hand feel, and metal shrapnels are installed at the button points. However, the difficulty in the operation of pasting and assembling the product has also become higher. In order to facilitate the guidance of pasting and quality control, the precautions for pasting and storing the membrane switch are described as follows:

customized PET circuit membrane switch

First, the pasting steps of customized PET circuit membrane switch products:

1. Cleaning: clean the liner, casing or pasting position (the surface to be pasted is required to be smooth, rust-free, oil-free, and dust-free);
2. Check the size: put the membrane switch (before peeling type) to the place to be pasted to compare whether it is qualified;
3. Alignment: Peel off the release paper on the back of the membrane switch about 10mm from the side (no button area is appropriate), and then paste it to the corresponding position, check the position of the entire switch, and then continue to paste;
4. Pasting: peeling and sticking at the same time (the curved surface of the membrane switch shall not be greater than 15°).
5. During the pasting process, if the product with the release paper on the back side needs to be placed first, it should be placed on the reverse side to prevent it from being stuck to other objects by mistake;

Second, the matters needing attention of customized PET circuit membrane switch:

1. Pasting cannot be repeated, it must be done at one time, otherwise it may affect the performance of the adhesive;
2. The bending angle of the product must not be greater than 15°. The operating buttons must be placed flat and then pressed. Do not operate when there is no liner or the buttons are suspended, otherwise it will affect the performance of the metal shrapnel, and severely may cause a short circuit.

3. Precautions for storage of customized PET circuit membrane switch products:

1. The front and back of the product are usually covered with transparent film to protect the surface of the product or the display window from scratches, and the protective film should be kept;
2. The foam cotton in the product packaging is separated by foam cotton in order to reduce the damage to the keys caused by the external unintentional force;
3. After taking out a few of them from the original package, they should be tied as they are, but they must not be tied too tightly;
4. Products with hand-feeling (metal shrapnel, hot-pressed protruding bracts) must be packed and placed vertically to prevent long-time heavy pressing of the keys from causing hand-feel failure;
5. The connecting wire of the membrane switch should be well protected and not placed downwards;
6. For products with windows, prevent the material from bending under force, otherwise it may leave creases;
7. The customized PET circuit membrane switch should be stored in a room at room temperature, and should be dust-proof and moisture-proof. There is no acid, alkali or other corrosive gas in the surrounding air.


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