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membrane switch and panel

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LED membrane switch


Advantages and disadvantages:

1. It can bend, fold and winding freely. It can move and expand freely in three-dimensional space.

2. Good heat dissipation and low resistance.


The main technical parameters of membrane switch:

 (1) Electrical Properties 
 Operating voltage  < 50VDC  Working current  100mA
 Contact resistance  0.5 ~ 102  Insulation resistance  100M2 (100VDC)
 Substrate voltage  2kDVO  Spring time  6ms
 loop resistance  500, 1502, 3502 third gear, or the user needs tdetermine
 Insulation ink voltage  100VDC    
 (2) Mechanical Properties 
 Reliability, service life  >1 million times  Closed displacement  0.1 ~ 0.4mm (no touch-tpe) 0.4 ~ 1.0mm
 Health standard for power  15 ~ 750g Power  Silver migration  In 55 C, humidity 90%, 56 hours later, the second-line between the 10M /50VDC

 Silver online no oxidation, nd impurities

 Silver width 0.3mm, the smallest interval of 0.3mm, line edges &lt;1/3, the line gap of &lt;1/4 width

 Pin spacing standard 2.54 2.50 1.27 1.25mm

 Lead anti-curvature, with d =10mm Ganggun line pressure roller 80 constantly

 (3)environmental performance   
 Operating temperature  -20 ºC ~+70 ºC  Storage temperature  -40  ~+85 C temperature of 95% ± 5%
 Atmospheric pressure   86 ~ 106kDa    
 (4) print index   

 1, Print size deviation0.15mm, clear code looks bad < 0.1mm edges

 2, Chromatic deviation 0.11mm/100mm, insulated cover all the Silver Line Ink

 3 Naink dispersion writinp non-defective

 4, Chromatic aberration is not more than two

 5, May have creases, paint stripping

 6, Transparent windows transparent clean, uniform color, not a scratch,and impurity