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Custom Membrane Switch Manufacturer

RSP is a membrane switch manufacturer with operations in the US and China. Our team has extensive experience creating membrane panels for a variety of uses for our clients. Learn more about the membrane switch production process below and contact us for more information about how we can create the product you need. 

What are membrane switches? 

Membrane switches, also known as membrane panels or keypads, are electrical switches with a user interface to control equipment and machines. The top layer is typically the graphical interface, also known as a graphic overlay, which identifies the functions being controlled using icons or text. 

Next, below the graphic overlay, are adhesive layers and a spacer layer to bond the circuit to the graphic overlay. The circuit layer is where the magic happens. Conductive inks are applied through a silk screen-printing process. In some cases, the membrane switch requires additional insulating layers made of non-conductive materials to prevent short-circuits. To complete the switch, an additional adhesive layer is used on the rear of the circuit to bond it to the bezel or substrate.  


To improve the user experience, membrane switches typically provide haptic or visual feedback. A great example of haptic feedback is through the use of tactile metal domes or poly-dome construction. When this type of feedback is used, a user will press a key or button and feel a 'snap' action as the dome is compressed. This type of key might also provide some audible feedback from the 'snap' of the dome. As for visual feedback, the membrane switch can have embedded LED indicators or feedback can be visually displayed on a separate display or monitor. Typically the membrane switch circuit only has resistors and LEDs mounted to it, as opposed to a circuit board which has limitless options. 

Membrane switches have replaced mechanical switches since they tend to be low-cost, user friendly and durable in multiple environments. 

What kinds of industries are membrane switches used in? 

Membrane switches can be created for a variety of industries and environments. Some common uses are in appliances, consumer products, industrial machinery, medical instruments and automotive industries. 

Creating a Membrane Switch with RSP

In order to create a properly designed membrane switch, RSP is very involved in the development. RSP helps customers develop a membrane switch based on sketches from a napkin, a verbal description or a production file created by the customer. The most common approach is when a customer supplies the graphics and a description of how they plan to connect the circuit to their device (also known as a pin out). From there, RSP creates the circuit layout and details. 

In order to provide the optimal solution, it is very important to consider how and where the membrane switch will be used. For instance, if the switch will be used in a damp environment rather than a dry environment, the membrane switch will need to be created with different materials and additional design elements like a gasket. 
Custom High Quality Membrane Switches with Embossing Keys and Texture

Additional considerations may be, but not limited to: 

  • How many actuations are required? 
  • Lifetime of switch? 
  • Where will the switch be used? i. e. Dusty environment
  • How will the switch be used? i. e. Operator with or without gloves

When we begin quoting a membrane switch opportunity the following information is needed: 

  • Desired dimensions
  • Number of opaque and/or transparent colors
  • Desired top layer material
  • Desired adhesive (top and bottom layers)
  • If embossing is required
  • Type and number of keys
  • Desired number of LEDs and colors
  • Connector type
  • Desired quantity

There are many other details that may be needed, but the above is a great start. 

Don't know where to start? We're here for you and will walk you through every step along the way. 

Mounting Membrane Switches

Once membrane switches are created, they need to be mounted or assembled to the equipment/machine they control. At this point, the switches are vulnerable to damage prior to mounting them. It is important to follow the specific mounting instructions to prevent damage (see mounting instructions tab). If needed, customers can send RSP their enclosures to assemble the membrane switches for them to prevent damage. 

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01/Technology, process and equipment

With the world's advanced automatic production equipment, technology and mature technology, strict quality control, rich experience and ability of product processing and manufacturing, to ensure the provision of high-quality products for customers.

02/Market development

The huge, stable and competitive sales and service network in more than 100 countries and regions in the world provides strong support for the company's market development, and can provide customers with fast and high-quality pre-sale and after-sales service.


03/Enterprise services

With strong project investment, development and project operation management experience and ability to provide customers with comprehensive, efficient and high-quality system solutions.

Core Ideology


R & D team

We deeply study customer demand, and constantly create new market demand on the basis of finding and grasping potential customer demand.


Advanced equipment

The company has excellent equipment, complete process of production and manufacturing platform and strong professional and technical team.


Dust free Laboratory

With advanced instruments and equipment, to create a dust-free laboratory to ensure product quality and stable production.

After-sale service

Zhidexing technology is an enterprise engaged in the production, sales and service of membrane switch. It is a member enterprise of Shenzhen film panel industry association. Our company is a high-tech company specializing in the design and production of membrane switch, touch panel and flexible circuit.


Whether it is the establishment of quality management system or environmental protection,


We guarantee the order tracking of the goods delivered in place and provide one-stop service.



The company takes the faith of "wisdom in quality, morality in integrity, and prosperity in profession" to wholeheartedly serve the vast number of old customers.

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We provide 7x24 service;

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