How to disassemble the PCB membrane keypads

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If the PCB membrane keypad is particularly dirty or the keys are not sensitive, it is necessary to disassemble the keyboard. The structure of the PCB membrane keypad is simple, so it is easier to disassemble. You only need to unscrew all the screws at the back and blow the outside. Take out the film inside, protect several circuit connecting wires and indicator lights, and then wipe it gently with alcohol.
A transparent elastic pad can be seen under the PCB membrane keypad. After removing the rubber pads, the keys on the front of the keyboard can be removed. You can choose a key puller. It is best not to use your hands or a screwdriver, and do not use too much force, especially It is a big button such as Enter and Space, and there will be a balance bar in it. If you force it hard, the balance bar will be pulled out.

PCB membrane keypad
After the PCB membrane keypad is removed, it can be cleaned with water. Remember not to use alcohol to wipe the key characters. Alcohol is a solvent, and it is easy to dissolve the characters. After cleaning the keys and keyboard, put them in a cool and ventilated place and drain them. Everything can be installed back. So far, we have done a thorough cleaning of the PCB membrane keypad. When you use the keyboard again, you will feel like a new keyboard, and you will have a great sense of accomplishment. It not only saves us buying a keyboard again, but also makes the keyboard maintenance longer.

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