Factors affecting the price change of quality PCB membrane keypad

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As one of the most widely used products, the quality PCB membrane keypad has also been purchased by many customers. However, when consulting the manufacturer's price, many customers said that the price is not fixed, but high and low. What is going on? The reason why prices vary, is mainly affected by the following factors.
First, the cost of raw materials
This is because there is a strong correlation between the price of quality PCB membrane keypad products and the price of raw materials, that is, the price of raw materials will rise, the production cost of manufacturers will be higher, and the price of natural products will also be high; otherwise, the price will be relatively lower.

quality PCB membrane keypad
Second, market supply and demand
Simply put, when supply exceeds demand, the price will be relatively low; otherwise, when the demand exceeds supply, the price will be relatively high. Therefore, when purchasing a quality PCB membrane keypad, the market's supply and demand relationship is different, and its price will also be different.
Third, the region
This is because different cities have different traffic conditions, economic levels, or the number of manufacturers, resulting in uneven production costs and competition. Therefore, the price of quality PCB membrane keypad is different depending on the chosen region. will be different.

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