Which inks are used in Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products

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The ink of Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products is generally composed of pigments, binders, fillers, additives and other ingredients.

Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products

1. Connecting material Connecting material is commonly known as varnish. It is the main component of the ink of Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products. It disperses the pigment, gives the ink proper adhesion, fluidity and transfer performance, and fixes the pigment on the surface of the printed matter through film formation after printing. The binder can be made of various substances, such as various dry vegetable oils, most of which can be used to make binders for inks, mineral oil can also be made into binders, solvents and water, and various synthetic resins can be used to make connecting material.
The rheology, viscosity, neutrality, acid value, color, water resistance and printing performance of the ink mainly depend on the binder. The same pigment can be made into different types of ink by using different binders; the same binder , using different paints. The ink produced is still the same type of ink, because it cannot change the fundamental properties of the ink, so the quality of the membrane switch ink depends mainly on the connecting material, except for the pigment.

2. The filler is white, transparent, translucent or indistinct powdery substance. Mainly for filling. Appropriate use of some fillers can not only reduce the amount of pigments, reduce costs, but also adjust the properties of Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products ink, such as thinness, fluidity, etc., and improve the flexibility of formulation design.

3. Additional materials are some additional materials used in the manufacture of the ink of Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products, and in printing use, to improve the performance of the ink itself. When the ink prepared according to the basic composition still cannot meet the requirements in some characteristics, or cannot meet the requirements of printing due to changes in conditions, a small amount of auxiliary materials must be added to solve the problem. Such as: desiccant, anti-desiccant, diluent, detackifier, plasticizer, etc.

4. Pigment plays a color developing role in the ink of Anti-ultraviolet membrane switch products, and it has a direct impact on some characteristics of the ink.

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