How waterproof is the customized Anti-ultraviolet membrane keypads

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Customized Anti-ultraviolet membrane keypads is a kind of protective surface sticker of membrane switch, mainly the protective panel on the top layer of membrane switch, this layer of panel is made of PET film material screen printing, the screen printing technology uses reverse screen printing, various colors The superposition of , as well as the superposition of patterns, are displayed on the panel, with effects such as beautiful protection.

customized Anti-ultraviolet membrane keypads

The customized Anti-ultraviolet membrane keypads on the device are screen-printed in the above way. Generally, they are screen-printed with PET film material, which has simple waterproof performance. Please remind that PVC film material is not suitable. Customized Anti-ultraviolet membrane keypads need to be baked at a constant temperature. This baking will not affect the panel, but it will dry the ink on the silk screen to make it fixed and not easy to dye, etc. This kind of panel can use any guide above the membrane switch.

Customized Anti-ultraviolet membrane keypads is composed of four parts: panel, upper circuit, isolation layer, and lower circuit. It is an operating system integrating key function, indicating element and instrument panel. It is a light touch-on normally open switch. Under normal circumstances, the upper and lower contacts of the membrane switch are in a disconnected state.

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