Performance analysis of customized FPC membrane switches

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The soft film between the customized FPC membrane switches and the membrane key lining is to reduce the pressure of the keys and avoid failure, and should be preserved. Therefore, the soft film of the middle layer should not be removed during production, and the bubble film should be preserved. The following performance buttons about customized FPC membrane switches 1. Durability: The life of customized FPC membrane switches can generally reach more than 100 million times, so how long is the lifespan, because the function of the switch is only affected by the longitudinal elastic film; although the elastic film has One million peristalsis, but only 0.10.3 mm (double stroke) due to the small peristalsis, 2. Good sealing performance: Because the membrane switch is an integral sealing structure, the contact points of the switch are not corroded by harmful gases, not easy to be oxidized, and waterproof. , dustproof, so it is more suitable for various harsh conditions.

customized FPC membrane switches

Customized FPC membrane switches with rich colors and elegant appearance: According to the design of user's needs, customized FPC membrane switches can be highlighted in color and pattern scheme, and the decorative effect shows the comprehensive characteristics of material beauty, decoration beauty and craftsmanship. Low-cost electromechanical product support: traditional mechanical switches are even strongly supported when the device is soldered, while membrane key switches are adhesive, simply remove the backing paper, stick to the outside of the machine, and lead into the circuit of the entire machine The socket is connected to the circuit. Customized FPC membrane switches are small in size, light in weight, and reliable in structure: Membrane switches are accessories that can be installed on membrane keyboards according to procedures. They have high structural density and are composed of multiple layers of membranes, thereby reducing volume, quality and reliability.

Installation and use steps of customized FPC membrane switches: Peel off the centrifugal paper about 10mm from the bottom of the membrane switch. Then put the membrane switch in the proper position and paste a part, then gradually tear off the remaining centrifugal paper (the angle is not more than 15 degrees), and then paste the appropriate position in turn. During the gluing process, if the back of the centrifugal paper needs to be removed from the membrane switch, it should be put back first to prevent the adhesive from sticking to other objects. Note: Paste can not be repeated, it needs to be done at one time; the tear angle cannot exceed 15 degrees; try to press the feeling, it must be pressed flat on the desktop, and the pressure cannot be released in the hand, otherwise it will affect the service life of customized FPC membrane switches.

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