Man-machine interface membrane switch is widely used in instruments

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In electronic circuits, key switches without locks are widely used. Because it does not need to pass a large current. So usually its shape and volume are relatively small, and it is often called a touch button or a micro switch. Mouse buttons and mobile phone keyboards are typical examples of key switches without locks. Modern electronic equipment and instrumentation generally have man-machine interaction functions. Man-machine interface membrane switch is one of the main elements in human-machine interaction. The system can use the information of the user to touch the button, including the information when the user touches the button. The state of the system, the number of touches, the length of time touched, and which key was touched determine the appropriate response.

Man-machine interface membrane switch

In the process of human-machine interface development, a technology called Man-machine interface membrane switch has replaced the touch button in many occasions. Man-machine interface membrane switch can embed multiple metal contacts according to user requirements In a thin film panel composed of several layers of thin films, a printing method is used to generate metal connections and the metal contacts are connected to external connection terminals through FPC connection tapes. The membrane button has a small touch and can realize multiple buttons at the same time. It simplifies the mechanical design of the board while being beautiful. In addition, it also has a certain degree of waterproof performance, so it is welcomed by many users. However, because the Man-machine interface membrane switch needs to be customized, its manufacturing process is complicated, resulting in high costs. At the same time, its mechanical contacts have life limitations and other factors, which limit its application.

Zhi Dexing is a high-tech company specializing in the design and production of membrane switches, touch panels, and flexible circuits. The company has a well-equipped, complete manufacturing platform and a strong professional technical team. The Man-machine interface membrane switch products produced are widely used in communication, paper machine membrane switches, industrial control, CNC machinery, injection molding machinery, embroidery machine membrane switches, sewing machine membrane switch equipment, spark machines, frequency converters, household appliances, children Toys, instruments, meters, medical equipment, electronic game consoles, military products, etc.

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