What are the common problems in membrane switch design?

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1. The shrapnel of the membrane switch bulge button needs to be placed properly and cannot be offset, otherwise it will affect the operation of the button.

2. Color problem: The modulation ratio of ink is the main cause of color deviation, and the color requirement is too strict and the color range is small.

In terms of corporate cost control, to achieve a small color range, the cost is extremely high. As the cost of the product rises, the unit price of the product will rise accordingly, which is also difficult for customers to accept. The color range needs to be in a reasonable range.

3. The bulge position of the button needs to be opened to a suitable position, otherwise it will affect the appearance of the button. The adhesive is not sticky. In addition to the selection of raw materials, the shape of the prototype must be confirmed. If the prototype has grooves, you need to choose a good quality adhesive. The choice of adhesive is appropriate.

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